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The Development of the Roulette Table and Wheel

It would be interesting to get a glimpse of the development of roulette.

As early as the 17th century when the first forms of casino games started to be introduced in some European countries the development of roulette also started. The known roulette at that time had merely 36 numbers to offer and roulette pockets had only from 1 to 36 in all.

Then in 1842 Louis Blanc of France came up with a bright idea for the roulette wheel. He thought of adding a zero field along with an additional zero pocket making them number from 0 to 36. He figured that doing this increased the house edge to 2.7 percent making the development of roulette in this sense the bread and butter of the casino business.

The idea worked a lot of good for the casinos. The gamblers also thought it good at first - more field and pocket choices to bet on and thus more chances of winning. But later people started seeing that the house alone got an advantage with this set up. The development of roulette, in this case, was more in favor of casinos, Blanc being himself a casino proprietor.

Soon casinos in the US started following suit. Casino owners began adapting the wheel table scheme to increase their house odds. But they even outdid Blanc in that they saw fit to add a new pocket to their wheel for a new development of roulette table set ups. At first, because it was an American idea, the American eagle insignia was used to indicate this new pocket. Later, the now famous double zero was used instead.

Because the American wheel so favored the house more, players had since opted the European wheel. But to this day both wheels - American and European - are played in most casinos in the world - land based and online. The development of roulette wheels is especially seen online where we may opt for either the American or the European wheel.

With an option to play roulette online we have the privilege of learning more on both wheel types through the literature roulette websites offer enthusiasts. There we know more about the development of roulette, systematic betting methods that are said to increase our odds, and the different sites where we can play the game.

As more people opt to play the game the development of roulette goes on. And hopefully the more it does the better edge it gives to its patrons.