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What Are My Chances? - Roulette Odds For Winning

Roulette is an inherently a fun game in the casinos, but you can double the fun by - winning. For this you have to know the roulette odds in order to win.

First to know is that there are various ways of betting in roulette, and, different roulette odds for these specific kinds of bets. Also in studying roulette odds is that there are different levels of these oddities. There are higher odds of winning, and then, there are other types of bets that will give you a lower or slightly lower odds of winning.

Here are the different kinds of betting in roulette and their roulette odds or chances to win in proportion.

Inside Bets. Line bets are included as inside bets. But the one bet that distinguishes inside bets is the One Number bet or the Straight Up. Betting on just one number however gives you a rare chance of winning - 37: 1 (in a one zero table).

Line Bets (bets placed among or in between numbers). There are five kinds of line bets - betting Two Numbers or Split, betting Three Numbers or a Row or Street, betting Four Numbers or Corner, betting Five Numbers or Five-Numbered Row (0, 00, 1, 2, 3), and betting Six Numbers or Across. The roulette odds for betting Two Numbers is 19:1 - you have one count of winning, and 19 chances of losing (Odds for betting Row 0 and 00 is 18:1). The odds for betting Three Numbers is 11:1, while the odds for Four Numbers is 8:1 and Five Numbers is 6:1. The odds for winning the Six Numbers is 5:1. Among the five, there is a better odds of winning if you bet on Six Numbers.

Outside Bets. There are five types of outside bets - Dozens or Section (1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12), Columns of numbers (also 12 numbers), Red or Black, Odd or Even, and 1-18 or 19-36 or First Half or Second Half. The roulette odds for winning by betting on the Dozens is 2:1. The odds for wining Columns is also 2:1. The odds for winning Red or Black, or Odd or Even, or First Half or Second Half are all 1:1. In this case there are greater chances of winning if you bet on either one or all of these last three - Red or Black, Odd or Even, or First Half or Second Half.

The last thing you have to know in roulette odds is that they have an equivalent payout. And more often, if the odds are very small, the prize payout is the greatest, if the odds or chances are big, the payout is just ok. Make sure you win if you want to win the greatest money, or just play safe and sure with the great odds small payout.